Frequently asked questions


Do you offer learning by CORRESPONDENCE?

No, as our course is class-room based, you must be able to attend classes in person. Classes are held at Te Tuhi, 13 Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Auckland.

How much homework/coursework is there per week?

It depends on how far through the term you are. Usually there is homework each week and most of the time this work will form part of the assessment. Usually there is around 2–4 hours of homework per week, however this would increase as you approach the assignment deadline. It also depends on the individual skill level of the student.

Will I be able to be a practising interior designer after graduating from this course?

As this course is foundational, students will graduate with a solid foundation of knowledge that would enable them to step into entry-level design roles. Due to the liability designers have with regards to structural aspects (e.g. waterproofing), further design study or work experience would be required. However this course would enable you to give decorating advice in non-structural aspects such as furnishings and fabrics.

Can I enrol in one term at a time?

No, courses can only be enrolled in a full year at a time.

I will be away for some of the year. Will this affect my learning and passing the course?

Students are required to attend at least seven out of the ten classes per term. If you will be away for longer than this you must negotiate this with the school in advance and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

I have no previous art or design experience. Will this course be suitable?

Yes, this course is open to all levels.

What sort of computer skills do I need to have?

Basic computer skills are helpful although this course can be done without a computer should you choose to do so.

Are there any pre-requisites?

No, anyone is eligible to join this course.

Is this course NZQA accredited?

When you successfully complete the course you become a graduate of The Nanette Cameron School of Interior Design. As we are a private school we have not sought NZQA accreditation, however over the years we have produced hundreds of graduates and are well regarded in the industry.

Can I attend classes and not do the assignments?

Yes, although you wouldn’t officially graduate from the school and be eligible to join the Nanette Cameron Interior Design Guild, our alumni network.

Can I enrol after the course has started?

Late enrolments may be accepted but applicants must contact the school directly.