In Year One students study the fundamental aspects of design such as colour, how to communicate your ideas, historical context, textiles and interior surfaces. Year One is more broadly focused on fundamental design aspects which students put into practice in interior contexts. This teaches the thinking behind design decisions that are applicable in all creative contexts, beyond just interiors. This method sets up students for success as they move into creating design concepts specific to interior settings in Year Two. The Year One programme draws on the skills of a variety of specialist practitioners from education, art and design backgrounds.


Colour in Context

Term 1

This term examines colour in context. You will be introduced to the vibrant history of colour and its application in a range of historical and contemporary situations. You will learn how colour can be manipulated to enhance interior spaces and you will apply the principles of colour theory to a host of different domestic design situations to test your design ideas. You will also be introduced to a range of contemporary artists, film makers and interior designers who use their knowledge of colour, pattern and texture to generate engaging spatial environments. Classroom exercises and industry visits will grow your appreciation and confidence in using colour.

Interior Design Communication

Term 2

In this hands-on term you will learn how interior designers communicate their ideas to others. You will learn how to produce plans, sections, interior perspectives and construct atmospheric drawings using a range of digital and analogue techniques. You will begin by experimenting with a range of different media including pencils, inks, charcoal and watercolour, followed by an introduction to digital design software, physical and digital model making, plus further Photoshop skills.

History of Interior Design

Term 3

The history of interior design comes to life in this dynamic term that celebrates Nanette Cameron’s legacy as a design educator. A remarkable story of design history will unfold: one that weaves together the social and cultural climates in which design innovation emerged and the dynamic characters who led the charge into the future! You will learn about famous interior designers and their collaborators (architects, designers and artists) who transformed the twentieth century and beyond. You will also discover the origins and development of interior design as a professional practice. Students will be introduced to basic Photoshop techniques.

Fashioning the Domestic: Interior Surfaces

Term 4

In this term we will discover how surface treatments have been used to fashion the domestic interior. We will introduce a diverse array of interior surfaces beginning with textiles, exploring the history and development of textiles and how they impact our lives (as garments and interior furnishings). You will explore how natural and synthetic textiles are produced and their suitability for different interior environments. This learning is enhanced by industry visits. This course will also explore the history and development of other surface treatments for domestic use, including wallpaper, flooring and a range of different window treatments.